Special Area Of The Site For Fanart.

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Special Area Of The Site For Fanart.

Post by Lukaroast »

I looked for a while to see if this has already been posted and i didnt see anything (im kind of surprised).
My art skills have long since run out, aside from paintng, but i still enjoy to see fanart and just all around pictures of druchii. i think a special area devoted to pictures would be a good addition. if you could, you could set it up where a small verison of the pic is shown, along with the title ina grid of 25 or so per page.
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Post by Layne »

That's mostly because nobody seems to be doing any fan art. Not so long ago we asked around for people to do some art to replace the rather old gear you see on the background of the main page, and non was forthcoming. People have posted fan art on here occasionally, but I haven't seen any for the snent of a long time now.
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Post by Laina »

Maybe if one was created it would encourage people to post some of their art or even give them that little bit more motivation to create some. It's incredible what a little motivation can do ;)
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