Hate and unfairness

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Hate and unfairness

Post by Blondshade »

Hey I hunk someone should regulate the amount of hate that is spewed on here directed towards certain people. We are all fans of warhammer and darks elves.

But there are a few that make snotty posts or messages and when you read them you just leave the site disgusted and, for me at least, depressed. It's unfair to newer people like me to get bashed on by some of the guys who siton here for most of their day accumulating thousands and thousands of posts when I try to put my input in and try to learn.

There are a lot of cool people here and a lot of nice ones. You guys know who you are and I want you to know you will always be friends and I love you guys. Thanks fr the dark elf help throughout my time here.

I just hope something changes about the hate and the unfairness shown by some of the people who are supposed to be the "go to" guys of this site or the guys who are suppose to have wisdom not jerkyness.

God bless
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Post by Rork »

We take any and all negative behaviour seriously.

I would remind you that if you think someone is trolling, you don't reply to them and report the post instead.

In general, the members of this site are well-behaved. But you have to realise that other people will have different opinions and will put their case across. If they disagree, deal with it and move on...even if they are wrong.

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Post by Loki »

Also, in addition to what Rork has said, I'd like to leave a friendly reminder. Tone of voice is impossible to read over the internet. What may come across as a snotty or condescending tone may not be what the writer wanted, it is all in how the reader interpreted it. So if someone seems to be condescending or snotty for no apparent reason, the odds are that they never intended that tone to be in their writing.
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The virgin forest
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Post by The virgin forest »

Can't say, I ever experienced this "unfairness" on druchii.net.

Been lots of times, when opinions differed from mine, a few posts that reeked of immaturity, but never anything that could be described as "unfriendly".

As Loki says, its all about your own interpretation of the little collections of letters in front of you.

Secondly, in internet forums - and life in general - you'll experience that peoples opinions will differ from your own, based on their own personal experiences. This means that they will not readily recognize your own strokes of Warhammer genius, when you submit them to their critique, unless of course they are similar to their own.
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Post by Mr. anderson »

Can't say, I ever experienced this "unfairness" on druchii.net.

There isn't any. If your posts are respectful towards others, well written and constructive, you won't find any unfair responses. Sometimes discussions get heated about certain things, but only very very rarely, and they always get resolved in the end. We don't discriminate.

Your attitude towards others usually is what determines how they react to you, and how they respond to what you say. If you percieve disrespect, unfriendliness or arrogance, be sure to look both ways. One side is rarely to blame completely, even if one side is more responsible, situations can be quite easily defused with a smile and a relaxed attitude, and not taking anything personally. It's the internet, remember. People don't know you, you don't know them and therefore whatever is said is rarely directed at who you "really" are.
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Post by Layne »

I remember when I started here at dnet I went on with some silly crap. Everyone who replied to me said I was going on with silly crap. At first I thought they were picking on me, but then I looked more carefully and realised they were right. It was silly crap. So I learned, and here I still am.

People who post silly crap and won't be told so, they don't last long here, I've noticed, and it doesn't never seem to matter how gently you point it out. I've gone as far as to look through old discussions on similar problems from before I came here, and it seems to have been much the same back then; but that was early days for the concept of moderated forums and there was an awful lot more and sillier crap.

Over my time here, a number of people have accused dnet of similar things, both before and after I became a mod. I must say I don't miss any of them. They were usually people who seemed to weigh their words so as to make it as difficult as possible to be fair to them. So much for them ; most feedback I get is that dnet is a great forum, full to the brim with helpful, friendly, respectful fans of Warhammer generally and Dark Elves particularly.

Those are the people who take their first few lessons well. They grow to become valued members of the site. The rest, well, they go to some other Warhammer forum and whinge about us. They are fewer than those who stay, and are, as I say, hardly ever missed.
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