GW Dublin Fantasy doubles tournament 13/02/10 winners report

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GW Dublin Fantasy doubles tournament 13/02/10 winners report

Post by Mebrind »

Hey Guys, thought I'd post a quick report from an event that happened in GW Dublin Saturday just gone. It was 1,500 point doubles (i.e. 1 1500 point army comprised of 2 seperate 750 pts armies), and myself and Vindur(also on the the forum) took double Druchii to the event.

Firstly, here's what we had(I left points values out, but I was total 744 points and he was 748 total iirc):

level 2 wizard, Tome of Furion

10 crossbowmen

10 crossbowmen

5 Cold One Knights
Standard Bearer, Musician, Standard of Slaughter

2 Bolt Throwers

Soul Render, Ring of Hotek, Heavy Armour, Sea Dragon Cloak

10 Crossbowmen

5 Dark Riders

15 Corsairs
Full Command, Sea Serpent Standard

5 Cold One Knights
Full Command, Standard of Slaughter

The following report is directly copy pasted from my blog, but I'll repost it here as to not split comments/discussion etc., and not be accused of shamelessly plugging my blog by making this entire post just a long link to it.
While reading please do keep in mind that I didn't take any notes on the day, this is all from memory, so events may not have happened 100% as I've said (Vindur could possibly shed some lights I missed or got blatantly wrong), but it is fairly accurate. Also it's my first written tournament report so I didn't know how to shave it down enough, so it does read very long winded, so avoid it if you don't enjoy walls of text.

Onto the report...
The format:
3 games, each worth 20 tourney points, with another 20 points up for grabs for painting. Penalties were awarded for games which were unable to finish on time either due to opponents stalling for time or showing up late for their games.
Also, a 3-colour minimum on each model in the armies was required, as was having the models based. For each model that didn't fit these criteria the team was scored -1, and if the penalty cancelled out whatever painting score the team got, the remainder was taken from their ballte scores.

Anyhoo onto the games.

Game 1(Dwarves & WoC):
Sorry but I couldn't remember these guys names. The dwarf player was over a half hour late to the game but we didn't really mind, so we just waited around for him(something about phone alarms being off or not working or whatever).
They had between them a Khorne hero in a big block of marauders, 5 marauder cav in their pants, 5 frenzied Mark of Nurgle knights, 2 x 10 Thunderers, one of which had a runesmith in it, an organ gun and 2 cannons, one of which had an engineer in it. So a scary amount of firepower from the dwarf player to say the least.
We castle up all our shooting on the hill in our centre, with both Cold One units and the corsairs in the centre to run straight ahed, and the dark riders on the far left to try and zip around into the flank of their artillery.
They put their artillery on the hill, both thunderers and the marauders slightly off to their left(our right), place the nurgle knights far left to skirt around some woods to get our shooting in the side, and place the marauder cav to trump the dark riders. Sorceress chose dark magic and got chillwind, bladewind and black horror.
We get first turn, everything goes forward full speed, crossbowmen shuffle forward to ensure stuff is in range. Chillwind killed a cannon crewman in the magic phase, and shooting wounded the engineer and his cannon, and dark riders kill 2 marauder cav.
They charge dark riders with marauder cav, stand and shoot kills one. Marauders go forward, as do the knights around the wood. Organ gun creams my entire unit of knights with 8 shots, and the thunderers kill 2 of the other unit, which fail their panic. combat the marauder cav kill a dark rider, and the dark riders kill back, win combat, and pursue right beside a cannon.
Turn 2 knights fail to rally and flee off board. Corsairs shuffle forward to try and get the marauders to failed charge. Dark riders charge into cannon. Magic does nothing, shooting takes the other wound off the engineer and kills some thunderers. Dark Riders don't pursue far enough to hit the organ gun.
Their turn 2 they failed charge with marauders, knights keep on trucking. Cannon misfires and can't shoot for 2 turns, but thunderers kill a few. Organ gun misfiers and explodes.
After this the game is just mopping up. Dark Riders continue to plow through artillery. The Master kills the Khorne champ in a challenge, and the unit runs down the Marauders. The thunderers get shopt to bits and double charged in the last turn. The sorceress miscasts and dies at some stage, the nurgle knights lose 3 when they evenutally show themselves, but manage to kill one bolt thrower before overruning just enough to be big bolted to kill the last 2.
Score: 20 - 0
Total: 20

Game 2 Alan & Dan(Skaven & Orcs):
Some more shop regulars, good guys and excellent painters to boot(although Alan's skaven are almost totally unpainted today). They have A Big Boss in a big unit of boyz with shields, a big unit of boyz with 2 hand weapons, a big unit of Black Orcs, a Plague Priest in a block of plague monks, 2 blocks of slaves, big unit of giant rats Jezzails, globadiers and a doomwheel.
We take the side with the hill in the center and the buildings to our left. 2 units of Crossbows and 1 thrower go on the hill, with the 2nd thrower and the sorceress going in a building, with crossbows beside the building. Knights and corsairs front and center, dark riders far right.
They basically blob up in the center, with the doomwheel on the opposite of the buildings, globadiers in some woods and jezzails on a corner hill across from our dark riders. We get first turn and Sorceress gets Chillwind, Bladewind and Soul Stealer. Plague Priest gets Vermintide(the number 4 on the plague lore).
Turn 1 shove the combat units forward, the dark riders gun straight for the jezzails. Magic achieves nothing(i.e. some dead slaves). Big bolt from throwers puts 2 wounds on the doomwheel, and dark riders kill 2 jezzails.
Doomwheel goes forward loads, and the center marches forward. Doomwheel blows the sorceress right out of the bolt thrower crew with some lucky rolls and jezzails take out 2 of my knights.
Turn 2 charge dark riders into jezzails. My Knights hit the black orcs, and his Knights hit some slaves who are in front of the plague monks. Shooting just kills some more slaves as throwers fail to hurt the doomwheel anymore. Combat, his knights break the slaves, nothing dies from explosion, and his knights join me in the black orcs, which we break with ease. I scoop up the banner and he plows into the plague monks, which breaks them and they get run down. Jezzails get wreck by dark riders also.
Honestly can't remember much after this point. The doomwheel moved forward more and shot a crewman out of the bolt thrower in the building, the globadiers killed my 3 remaining knights, and the giant rats take some turns getting into my thrower and crossbowmen on the hill, eventually killing both units and pursuing off the board on turn 5. The doomwheel caused some terror check, namely the one remaining crewman who ran away, charged my crossbows beside the building and ate them up. The rest of the game is various cat and mouse chases with the remaining units taking chunks out of each other. The corsairs eventually broke and ran down the the unit of boyz with the general and the second block of slaves, but spent the whole game getting whittled down by shooting and combat. The surviving CoKs took out the other unit of boyz and overran into the safety of a wood. The dark riders and the globadiers danced around for some turns killing the occasional model.
In the end the doomwheel ate the corsair unit, but they failed to totally kill either the dark riders or the surviving cold one knights. The game ends with them having a doomwheel below half wounds(thanks to the crewman rallying turn 4, moving into his machine turn 5 and turn 6 big bolt wounding once), a unit of giant rats with no handlers and 3 globadiers. We had a bolt thrower, above half strength cold ones, below half strength dark riders, a table quarter and a banner, which was tallied up as a minor victory to us.
Score: 13 - 7
Total: 33

Before the third round start we got our painting score. We scored a 11 out of 20, which I think is fair considering about half the models on the table were only 3-colour minimum'ed, but the rest were totally painted inked and based. This meant that due to other peoples massive negative painting scores we were the highest non-staff team by a good margin, so we were feeling pretty good as victory was almost guaranteed.
Score: 11/20
Total: 44

Game 3 Mick & Eoin(DoC & Beastmen):
Top table last round and we get drawn against team Staff. Basically the staff had been jumping around between running the shop and playing in the tourney so there was an even number of teams all through the day. Considering it was about 3 o' clock on a Saturday in GW they couldn't afford to have 66% of their staff playing games, so we had staffer Eoin playing the new Beastmen and our mate Mick with the shops Daemons(Mick was supposed to be playing today, but his team-mate was sick so he just stopped down just in time to playthe last game).
Between them they had a Gorebull with a +1 Save, 2 units of 10 Gors(one of which ambushed), 6 hounds, 2 units of 3 Minotaurs with 2 hand weps, A flying Tzeentch herald, 2 units of horrors, 5 flesh hounds and 6
We get the hill again. Deployment this time is weird as there's a big dirty wood just to the right of the jill, which made deployment kinda awkward(I didn't really get it but Vin mentioned a mistake in deployment becausehe got thrown off by the wood's positioning). Bunker up on the hill as usual, with the sorceress in a bolt thrower crew off to the left, just so we didn't get screwed by out own Ring of Hotek, combat units front and center, and the dark riders along with Vin's crossbowmen far right to take down the 10 man horror unit that set up opposite it.
They split their forces between the forest in the deployment, with flesh and chaos hound units and one minotaur unit on one side facing my lone bolt thrower, and the herald's horror unit with the gorebull's minotaur unit on the other side, flamers in said wood. Sorceress rolls Chillwind, Bladewind & Black Horror again, and I'm pretty sure the helard had master of sorcery, as he cast a bunch of different daemonic tzeentch spells over the course of the game.
We have turn 1 again. Vin's knights fail the first stupidity test of the tourney and just shuffle forward, while mine pass and shuffle up to keep the pace, corsairs boot forward. Despite some irristible force casts, nothing except a few wounds here and there happened. Shooting the bolt throwers took a total of 3 wounds off the minotaurs between the 2 units, and crossbow fire killing some horrors.
They move their important stuff forward tenativley(seems like they remembered at the last minute that 10 cold one knights would can make an utter mess from 14 inches away),push the gor unit up and their right flank goes full tilt towards my lonely bolt thrower. Their small horror unit turns to face the dark riders. Magic didn't do much between failing to cast and dispel dice.
Our turn 2 and the dark riders charge the horrors and the corsairs charge the gor unit on the table. The cold ones shuffle around a bit, knowing that we're not in range of the minotaurs or the horrors. Sorc runs away from the doomed bolt thrower, safely out of range of bad things for a turn at least. Magic accomplishes very little again. The bolt throwers attempt to thin the incoming flesh hounds but only manage to kill one complete model. The minotaurs then proceed to get minced by small arms fire as one crossbowmen unit wipes out the gorebulls entire remaining unit, and my other crossbowmen unit leaves the second minotaur unit with only 1 model left. Combat both our units in combat have a party, and overrun to meet somewhere in their deployment zone.
Their turn 2 and the flesh hounds charge the bolt thrower, the chaos hounds and the last mino shove forward, and the gorebull moves goes to try deal with our units on their side of the table.The Ambushing Gor unit comes on their right table edge, and marches to add to the considerable amount of models already moving into our firebase. Then the magic phase. The horror unit flickering fires my knights. I want to save dice for the herald casts, thinking him to be more of a threat. In the end it was my models my call, I let it through... 6 S7 hits wipe out my unit, which then causes 1 of my crossbow units and vin's knights to fail panic checks and almost run off board, completley shattering our center. Combat sees the flesh hounds obviously butcher my bolt thrower and they overrun far enough to charge someting else next turn.
Turn 3 and all hope is not lost as all fleeing units rally. The knights sit at the bottom of the hill ready to counter charge if need be, and the crossbowmen rally and turn to face the oncoming horde. There's some shuffling around on their side as Vin marches his crossbowmen to try and get good shots at units, puts Mick's herald in ring of hotek range and moves the dark riders around to annoy the gorebull. Magic is once again non-existant. The surviving bolt thrower dissapoints as it only manages to kill 1 warhound.
5 warhounds charge my bolt thrower and the flesh hounds charge my sorceress. The gors and the minotaur move up again, gorebull dances around with the dark riders(I wasn't really paying attention to that side of the table seeing as all my toys were in our deployment zone). Flamers move to take potshots at some unit, heralds horrors turn to face Vin's units. Daemon magic continues to be the worst thing in the world ever as Mick suffers 2 ring opf hotek miscasts. Sadly the second one rolled a 12 on the mistcast table, so Tzeentch's Firestorm irrisitibly cast causing 13 strength 10 hits, blitzing the corsairs(yes, that is 5 rolled 6's in a row). The flamers shot at something as they are want to do, and probably killed something. Combat starts with the flesh hounds eating the sorceress, but due to the muddle of units on the hill, they pursue only to get stuck behind the hounds. The hounds then put 2 wounds into the thrower crew, who save 1(gogo 6+ armour save), and the survivor kills one back, loses combat by 1 but being the hero that he is, holds. Vin and I look at the situation and realise how much better our side or the board now looks.
Our turn 4 starts with the CoKs passing the vital stupidity test to charge into the chaos hounds still in combat with my crewman. Although the firestorm last turn basically meant we lost horribly on the other side, Vin was still making a valiant effort to do stuff, but between the 4+ ward on the herald's horrors and the 1+ armour on the gorebull, it wasn't looking hopeful. Shooting consisted of 4+ ward saves being passed on their side and my crossbows on our side taking out 6 Gors and causing the remainder to panic and flee(ironically, they fled 10", the exact distance they marched last turn :P). Combat the Knights beat the warhounds, the last 2 models fleeing and overran into the flesh hounds, ready for next turn.
Their turn 4 started with the Gors and warhounds rallying, and then the last minotaur managing to get into the flank of my crossbows. Magic and flamer fire put an end to any hope of salvaging that side of the table, with the only things alive being 10 crossbows and the Master being dragged off the table by the last remaining corsair. The decision to fight the minotaur combat first ended up being very bad for them as he fluffed his attacks, killing just 1 elf, and the 1 attack I had back causing a wound, causing the minotaur to lose by 2, flee, get run down and put the crossbowmen in the flank of the flesh hounds, to help the knights already in the front. That combat ended as expected, with the knights overruning forward a ton, in range of the warhounds, and my crossbowmen overruning back onto the hill to take potshots at the remaining daemons.
The end game started with the knights charging the hounds, who fled not enough, which let the knights barrel into the 4 Gors. Vin's crossbows fired at the horrors, killing enough to make them not a wizard, and my shooting on the hill managed to take down 2 flamers. The the knights them overran off the board after killing the gors. Their turn 5 killed 5 of my crossbows, which failed panic and fled off under 25%
Turn 6 the knights come back on, crossbowmen continue to fire potshots at but nothing happens. My bolt throwers last shot is unable to take the flamers down below 50% for points.
The last turn of the game saw the girebull mop up the last of the druchii in the chaos deployment zone. The Tzeentch herald flew(yes flew, had to see the army list to believe this one) over to the Knights. 2 dispel dice was enough to keep the knights on the board. In the shooting phase the flamers rolled a low 8 hits, 3 of which hit, 2 scattered onto the machine for no effect, the last one wounding on a 2 got the magic 1(a relativley minor victory, but I'll take it where I can get it, plus that lad was a friggin' hero, he didn't deserve to get gunned down like that on turn 6).
Tallying up the points ended in a solid victory for the staff.
Score: 3 - 17
Total: 47

All that was left was to tally up the points for everyone else. The staff had a grand total of 69, but obviously they can't win, which left us as the overall winners!!

The funny bit about the painting penalty was that the second place finishers were massacred 3 times in a row, but had 11/20 for painting, and everyone elses painting score was so low that it dragged them into negatives! funny stuff indeed

Lessons learnt:
The Sorceress was really weak at that pointa value. Every other caster on the day did something other than cast(the plague priest is pretty rock in combat, and the herald boosts the ward save of his unit), while mine just cast, which was basically a null factor overall.

Cold One Knights with the standard of Slaughter are sick at sub-2k games. they will literally break any non-unbreakable unit they charge. An auto-include in any small points Druchii force.

I really really really really dont like daemons. It's games like the third one where a unit of 6 flamers will hide in hard cover for 75% of a game and just make a mess. Seeing them perform today actually disgusted me.

Well that's about it, hope you enjoyed that. Hopefully I'll get better at writing tournament reports as I keep doing so.

Thanks for reading guys
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Re: GW Dublin Fantasy doubles tournament 13/02/10 winners report

Post by Noble korhedron »

Going to commit threadomancy to say I was looking back over old reports and found this; nice to see the winners' experiences...
I was on the team that came in second, with an Orcs & Goblins player; he packed an all-Night Goblin army.

I hated that they stopped events like this; the shop really went downhill for a while from mid-2016 or so; then even after it picked up again, I stopped going when Age of Sigmar came out...


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