TOW - 800pts

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TOW - 800pts

Post by Daeron »

I got my first game on Saturday. I thought I'd bring something simple to explore game mechanics, and bring as many painted models to the table as I can. I'll put the sorceress in the Repeater Crossbow unit.
It's probably not an optimal list, but it's close to something I would bring in 8th for this point size, and it might get a decent comparison.

++ Characters [115 pts] ++
Sorceress [115 pts]
(Hand weapon, Level 2 Wizard, On foot, Focus Familiar, Dark Magic)

++ Core Units [304 pts] ++
5 Dark Riders [101 pts]
(Hand weapons, cavalry spears, and repeater crossbows, Light armour, Shields, Musician)

14 Repeater Crossbowmen [203 pts]
(Hand weapons and repeater crossbows, Light armour, Shields, Standard bearer, Banner Of Har Ganeth, Musician)

++ Special Units [297 pts] ++
6 Cold One Knights [217 pts]
(Hand weapons and lances, Full plate armour, Dread Knight (champion))

5 Dark Elf Shades [80 pts]
(Hand weapons, repeater crossbows, and additional hand weapons)

++ Rare Units [80 pts] ++
1 Reaper Bolt Throwers [80 pts]
(Repeater bolt thrower and hand weapons, Light armour)

Created with "Old World Builder"

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Re: TOW - 800pts

Post by Nostromo »

Looks balanced and playable. I feel like the Knights would have dominated at this points value - would consider the Cold Blooded Banner as insurance for that crucial turn to ensure they connect with their charge targets.

Any observations? My lists so far have trended for spears and dark riders in core. Hadn't thought to put the Banner of Har Ganeth on the crossbows though. Nice idea.

Keen to hear your reports.
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