Server slowdown?

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Server slowdown?

Post by Crawd »

Is it just me or the forum is really slow and load in spike?
And the server wrote:Internal Server Error
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Post by Dark Alliance »

It is very slow for me too. Lots of error messages and it keeps logging me out.
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Arnold Layne
Arnold Layne
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Post by Layne »

Same here - not so many error messages, but it is kinda slow. Anything we can do Doctor?
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Post by Silashand »

Dunno if anyone's looking for additional confirmation, but it's been slow for me for the past couple weeks. And by slow I mean unbearably so, sometimes over a minute for a single page to load.

Cheers, Gary
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Morathi's Favoured
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Post by Dark Alliance »

It seems to be getting worse.
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Post by Dalamar »

Still good for me as much as speed is concerned... but the dreaded internal sever errors are returning in force :s
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Post by Mordru »

The much lamented ISE is a frequent visitor for me. I guess it is time to reach into my hip pocket and donate some more money to this taco stand.
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Post by Calisson »

Many times, it takes several minutes to connect.
However, I've found that after insisting, there is always an answer, contrary to what happened a couple of monthes ago.
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Post by Lextalionis »

ISE's are happening frequently for me. No idea why, it doesn't seem traffic related as a log in during low traffic and high traffic times. However after a few minutes the problem seems to go away and I can use the forum as usual.
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Rending Star
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Post by Thanee »

It's different. Sometimes it's fast, sometimes it's slow.

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Post by Dauricha »

I get errors now and then, and is quite slow before it happens.

I find though switching between fire fox and, windows internet sometimes helps.
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Post by 22over7 »

Further to Mordru's comment
I guess it is time to reach into my hip pocket and donate some more money to this taco stand.

If it is as simple as more money I would chip in my share.
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Post by Loki »

I've been seeing ISE's about 2 or 3 times a week and they never last more than 10 minutes. The site seems a little slow at times, but never really too bad for me.
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Post by Azure »

Never too bad. It seems like peak hours it starts lagging. Right now for example its running as fast as could be expected.

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