www.d.net or d.net?

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www.d.net or d.net?

Post by Georc »

What´s the difference between "www.druchii.net" and druchi.net without www

The first one leads me to a webpage I can´t login but have the full forum content. Trying to login redirect me always again to the login window or to the main site without a login. Using a wrong password is mentioned and I get the typical Wrong password site. Because that I don´t think it has something to do with a phising website?!?

The second one leads me to the normal board where I can login. But all following querries start with a www.druchi.net.......

What´s wrong?

Regards GeOrc
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Post by Crawd »

Normally there's no difference, but if your password is saved in your browser, it's possible that in your list you have both druchii.net and www.druchii.net but in each of them has a different account/password saved.

I had this problem once where I wrote my account/password but they used the saved password instead.

It's a possibility but it's hard to say. As I said, though, with or without the "www." should be the same, there's some few exceptions though...
And the server wrote:Internal Server Error
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