Old 7th Edition Army Lists and Information

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Old 7th Edition Army Lists and Information

Post by Dreddlore »

Would it be prudent to move the old edition army lists into their own section or retire them altogether ? So 7th and 8th get their own boards so we don't lose the fantastic old lists that could be converted, or just remove them outright.

Possibly extending this to other relevant forum pages ?

Now I understand that this may be a tall/impossible/loathed order and I don't know the work/blood/sweat/tears involved but thought it might be an :idea:
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Post by Ant »

All we did for when the new army book was released was to update the hall of fame lists to have a 6th ed and 7th ed section. But we left the army lists forum the same as before.

I think we should do the same here.
Ash010110 wrote: I completely agree with Ant (Reynolds, I presume?).

(Please note, I am NOT Anthony Reynolds)
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