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Rork's e-mail address Unofficial Dark Elves Armybook FAQ

At, we advocate playing according to the rules published by Games Workshop in the Dark Elves Army Book (AB), the Rulebook (RB) and, when they are released, in the FAQ available on the GW website.

When the present Dark Elves Army Book was released on October 2014, there were multiple issues raised about how to interpret some of the new rules.

At, we believe that we have a duty to help Dark Elf players get the best gaming experience. We have sent clarification requests to However, until GW releases official FAQs, we would like to present this set of FAQs. They are by no means an official GW product. We have compiled questions and release these answers for the benefit of the players, with a goal of creating a unified playing field for the Warhammer community, so there are as few rules arguments as possible.

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The FAQ is a result of discussions on the forum. When some rules questions pop up on regular basis, we try to add it to the list of frequently asked questions. You can join the discussion, both on the rules and the answers. Join the discussion here.